Friday, November 25, 2011

Mujhe ab neend ki talab nahi,
Ab toh raaton ko jaagna achha lagta hai. 
Mujhe nahi maloom ki wo meri kismat mein hai ya nahi,
Magar Khuda se unhe mangna achha lagta hai. 
Jaane mujhe haq hai ya nahi,
Par unki parwah karna achha lagta hai. 
Unse pyar karna sahi hai ya nahi,
Par is ehsas ko jeena achha lagta hai.
Kabhi hum sath honge ya nahi,
Par yeh khwab dekhna achha lagta hai. 
Wo mere hain ya nahi,
Par unhe apna kehna achha lagta hai. 
Dil ko behlaya bahot par manta hi nahi,
Shayad ise bhi unke liye dhadakna achha lagta hai.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My tryst with poetry... Part-1

Above All My Mother

Mother, O mother we love you a lot,
We thank you for all your givings,
You are the best mother all over the globe,
You care for all our needs,
Your blessings are always with us,
You help us not believe in superstitious,
You also help us in building our mental strength,
You help us in building our future more bright,
We again thank you for all your givings,
You are like a flower,
Your love bowls me over,
You are perfect lover,
Mother, O mother we love a lot,
We again thank you for
Everything, everything, everything, you gave us,
I sometimes feel proud to be her child,
I would like to be her child forever, ever & ever.
Mother, O mother we love you a lot,
We thank you for all your givings.

Copyright © 2009
This poetry was written by me in class VII in honour of my mom, who in my opinion is the best mom in this world. (For every child her mother is the best in this world..!..)..eehheee...

My tryst with poetry... Part-2

Inn dino ek chahat si rehti hai,
Inn dino ek bagavat se rehti hai,

Diye ki madhim roshni mein,
Uske aane ki ek aas si rehti hai,

Nadi kinaare baitha hu,
Par ek ajab si pyaas rehti hai,
Iske paani se bhi weh pyaas bhuj na pati hai,

Uske aanchal ki woh garmi,
Uski lehraati zulfon ki thandi chhaon,
Aaj bhi jaise har waqt mere saath hon,

Uska woh mere kaandhe par sar rakh kar so jaana,
Toh kabhi uska mere baalon ko sehlana,
Aaj bhi mere mann ko haule se chhu jata hai,

Halaat aise bane hain doston,
Din begaane se aur raaten anjaani si lagti hain,

Ek fikar si rehti hai iss madhi roshni ke daaman mein,
Ek zikar sa rehta hai inn yaadon ke aangan mein,

Kya woh pal fir laut ke aayenge,
Kya fir se iss soone mann mein panchhi chah chahayenge,

Ab toh har pal ek sapna sa lagta hai,
Na jaane kal ki subah kya rang laayegi,

Inn dino ek chahat si rehti hai.
Inn dino ek chahat si rehti hai....

This one was written by me on last sunday night (Oct 3rd) and some editing was done in the next two days while in lectures in college...!.. The source of insipiration is from a real incident (not on myself).. many of you will start thinking that way...!..eeheheee.e..

What is Real Truth..??

Is truth just a pursuit of happiness or enchanting wisdom of power. This has been a question that keeps coming in everyone's mind every now and then. I have also faced and asked this question a many times to myself. And this is what I have come to know about it.
Sometimes the truth covers a great deal, i.e the truth itself. It covers another truth which is far more persuasive and elusive than the one we see, the truth itself hides the truth, it demonstrates it's ability to torment souls within, to move to the sides of ocean, to go beyond space to reveal it's own true self.

Once a truth is found out another one is deserted, to be thrown in the silent corridors of darkness. Sometimes they are more important like; like the friendship which hides love or a painting hiding the bare walls. Both are true, and in both these situations the friendship and the painting are both a truth, which are hiding the other truth, i.e. the love and bare walls. Though love is the most indispensible part of our lives, still we sometimes need to hide it, till the time is right for it to be known.

So, the next time you witness or hear a truth, think what it is hiding behind. Because truth itself hides the truth. And a lie can never hide a truth.